Just slightly behind Walmart in terms of size Target is the second largest discount store company in the U.S. To get an idea of the size and scale of this business, the company had 1803 stores in 2016. And they employed 341,000 people. That’s a lot of job opportunities. But what matters to us is does Target hire felons?

The good news is that Target have signed Ban the Box – so yes, target hire felons!

Research by FelonHire.com has found Target hire felons. Jobs for felons are available but like most retailers it will depend on the felony. Those convicted of a serious violent or sex crime are not likely to be hired.

  • Willingness to employ felons
  • Availability of felon friendly jobs
  • Treatment of felon employees


Target has Banned the Box so you will not be asked about your felony on the application form. It is possible to get a job quickly at Target but getting hired will depend on the attitude of the hiring manager and how well you interview.

Getting a Job at Target

Target like to employ people who love to work hard and put customer service before everything else. They also need you to work well in a team.

The great news is that they don’t need you to have experience, just the right attitude. So it’s going to be a good place to start if you’ve recently been released. Of course, if you are going for a management job you will need more experience.

Applying for a Job

When you apply for a job at Target there are two things you need to make sure you mention. You need tell them how much you value the chance to give good customer service and how much you enjoy working as part of a team. Customer Service and team work are big ticks for Target.

You can tell them what department you’d like to work in but you need to be flexible. Even if they employ to work in one area they move staff around so you need to be prepared to work anywhere.

A lot of companies only let you apply online. Target give you the option of a using a written application form if you’d rather do that. For us it’s faster and more convenient to apply online but some people prefer to physically write things down. We like the fact they give you the option. If you’d like an application form you can pick one up from your local Target store.

Personally, I would always apply online. The main benefit for me doing it online is that my handwriting isn’t very neat. Having bad handwriting shouldn’t affect their decision on whether they see you. It shouldn’t, but I think it probably does. People are human and they make judgements about others on things like that.

You’ll get an email to confirm they’ve got your application. You can then log in and see where you are up to in the process. They are good at getting back to people. So you will usually be contacted within a few days if you’re going to be invited in for an interview.

Target Online Application Walk through video

The Interview

We can use one word to sum up the Target interview process – casual.

Target like to keep it casual. And that’s a good thing for anyone who finds the whole interview vibe a little stressful. But don’t let that fool you. They’re serious about getting the right people working for them. So while it should be a relaxed interview you need to stay focused and think about what you’re doing and saying.

Remember the two things you’re going to make sure you talk about? Customer service, and… you got it, team work.

Target Interview Questions

Your interview will be based around the information you put on your application form. This is their chance to get to know a bit about you and figure out why they should employ you. Some of the questions Target ask people in the interview include:

Tell me why you want to work for Target?

The chances are you probably haven’t dreamed of working at Target since you were a child. So keep it real but also don’t just say ‘because I need a job’. They know you need a job. But what do you like about Target? What makes you think you’d enjoy working there?

What Target department would you like to work in, and why?

If they ask this, it’s because they want to see how enthusiastic you are. Which department is most appealing to you and why do you want to work there? But remember, be flexible. You might be lucky and they have a job for you in your favorite department but maybe not. Be enthusiastic about your chosen department but make it clear you are happy to work anywhere.

What customer service experience do you have?

Ideally you can tell them about your customer service role in a previous job. But maybe you’ve never had a job like that. If you haven’t had any actual customer service experience is there anything else you have done? Have you helped people in some other way? Have you volunteered for a charity?

Do you like working in a team?

The answer to this question is not ‘no’. You do enjoy working in a team if you want a job at Target. Now you just need to come up with some reason why you enjoy teamwork. Tell them any experience you have of being part of a successful team and how you helped them achieve that success.

They might also ask you about how you deal with conflict. This will include both conflict with a difficult customer and with a colleague. Give this a bit of thought before you arrive. They want to know that you are a peacemaker not a troublemaker.


Target hire felons. But they won’t hire you just because you are a felon. They want happy, outgoing employees with a can-do approach to life. They want people who want to help their customers. You need to show them you are an upbeat, enthusiastic person. Get in there and let your personality shine J

The interview will be casual but don’t forget to look like you want the job. You should wear clean, smart clothes. You don’t need a suit or tie but probably better not to go in oily jeans. Be on time and be pleasant and respectful. It’s common sense.

It never hurts to do a bit of research on the company before you go in. You can find out more here. Drop in a couple of facts you found out about Target when you’re answering questions. Just enough to impress them that you are serious about getting this job. You never know, that could be the difference between you being chosen over someone else.

Jobs that Target Hire Felons To Do

Here is a list of some jobs that we’ve found Target hire felons to do.

  • Cashier
  • Stock clerk
  • Customer service representative
  • Human resources team member
  • Cake decorator (yes, really!)
  • Pharmacy team member
  • Warehouse worker
  • Fitting room team member
  • Store manager
  • Department manager
  • Assistant manager

Target is known for being ultra-quick from start to finish when they’re hiring. They’ll let you know soon after the interview whether you’ve been successful. Sometimes it can be less than a week between applying for the job and starting work.

So what are you waiting for?

You can tell us what you think about Target in the comments below. Our aim is to help you and as many other people as we can to get work. If this article – Does Target hire felons? – has been helpful we’d be grateful if you would share it with your friends on social media. Thank you.


  1. Target is telling a lie as well as Home Depot. They do not hire felons, Im the proof. Went to an interview, was instructed to buy red shirts and khaki pants to get to orientation to be told that my background check didn’t clear. They are frauds and only say they hire felons to look good in the publics eyes so it seems that they give second chances.


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